Help Us Save Great Missenden’s Oldest Inn

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The George in Great Missenden has been at the heart of our community for over 500 years.  The High Street location is both in a Conservation Area and Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It is now sadly boarded up and becoming increasingly dilapidated.

The Courthouse element of the buildings in on Historic England’s At Risk Register and both the Inn and Courthouse are listed as an Asset of Community Value with Chiltern District Council.

With strong support from the local community and the news that Chiltern District Council recently rejected the planning application lodged by the current owners we hope the George will once again be part of the community.

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The Save the George group of local residents are committed to reopening the George as a Pub and Restaurant at heart of our community. We believe that an extensively restored and thriving George Inn is by far the best outcome for Great Missenden.
Members of the Save the George group have offered to buy the George at the developers acquisition cost and have given written commitments to Chiltern District Council that they are willing and have the financial resources to restore the George and Courthouse – starting today.


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