The History of The George

The George was built around 1480 and was the first inn in Great Missenden, it’s purpose to serve the people who came to visit the Abbey offering them sustenance and a place to stay.
The 1480s saw the coronation of Richard III, the Battle of Bosworth and the start of The Tudor dynasty’s reign.

The Courthouse was built later in the 1500s and may have originally served as extra lodgings for people visiting The George.
As coach travel became popular in the mid-17th century the ground floor of the Courthouse was converted into stables. It is believed that at this time there were as many as seven coaching inns in Great Missenden, around this time The George was extended to presumably cope with the influx of travellers on their way to and from London.

Below is a list of online resources containing information about Great Missenden, The George and The Courthouse.

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